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Outcalls can be provided to your residence or hotel at an upcharge for sessions 1 hour or longer. Outcall deposits are the same amount as incall deposits. For outcalls I travel to any destination within 100 miles of Cheyenne, WY. Exceptions can be made for the 100 mile limit at an extra cost depending on your location. Any hotel bookings are expected to be handled by my suitors prior. If staying at a hotel, the hotel room number will be requested on the day of our date prior to me heading over. If your residence is an apartment, then the apartment number will be requested on the day of our date prior to me heading over.






Nationwide travel is available, however, currently international travel is not. Minimum session duration for FMTY is overnights. Displayed rates for FMTY do not include plane ticket costs, transportation costs, meal costs etc. FMTY deposits are 25% of the base displayed rate. If there is a FMTY duration you'd like but do not see specifically offered, feel free to reach out, so we can set up the perfect date for you. 


Since plane ticket costs vary heavily depending on the destination, a round trip (minimum buisiness class) plane ticket is expected to be paid for by my suitor prior to me booking the ticket. I will fully handle the actual ticket booking process myself. Ubers back and forth to your location that I request to and from the airport are also expected to be financially handled by my suitor. Screenshots will be provided to verify the cost of the plane tickets and estimated uber costs for you. If we will be staying in a hotel then it is expected that my suitor will handle the booking process and to be responsible for the hotel costs.


Time sleeping, social time, and time spent outside of where we are staying during my trip to you count towards the session length. I require a minimum of 8 hours of sleep at night, as well as a minimum of 2 meals a day to be provided during my stay.





Rates for outcalls and FMTY


are listed within

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