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For your personal comfort, I only require a very minimal amount of screening compared to other professional providers.

Prior to us meeting in person, I simply request your first name, age, and a photo of your ID that ONLY shows your first name and your date of birth to verify the age and name you provide me with. That is all- no references are needed to meet.


A flat $50 nonrefundable deposit is required prior to sessions 2 hours or less. Overnights, full day and night dates, as well as FMTY dates have their own deposit amounts. Overnights and longer session deposits are $200, and FMTY dates deposits are 25% of the base session cost. Once a deposit is sent, your day and time will be set aside just for you. No one else will be able to request and receive the time I have set aside for us. Deposits are not able be reused or reallocated for a different day/time slot different than the original one it is used to book for.

The deposit goes fully towards the session total. The remainder of the session total is required as cash in person when we meet un. Unlike screening, which is only needed for first-time clients, deposits are in place for any and all sessions.


I will request this while getting details via email to confirm our date. This can be done via cashapp or venmo, whichever one works the best for you. Paypal, zelle, etc. are not options due to their restrictive terms and conditions.

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