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Optional Incall  Deposits

Deposits are not required to meet me unless you request an outcall session or unless you'd like to book an incall session outside my typical working hours of 10AM-8PM. Outcall sessions require a deposit simply due to transportation costs and the amount of time that is needed to be set aside for you.


Incall sessions, however, do not require a deposit ahead of time.

I do happily offer separate, lower priced rates, exclusive priority, and access to early morning and late-night hours to those who do decide to provide an optional $100 deposit for their incall sessions with me. It is not mandatory, though. Lower priced, exclusive deposit rates can be viewed when you select the service you'd like on the "Service & Rates" section. Any and all deposits are subtracted from the session total.

Those who provide a deposit at time of booking their incall session are also prioritized more in comparison to those who decide not to provide a deposit, especially during the scheduling process.

Those who provide deposits are also able to see me at times that are not normally accessible to those who do not provide a deposit at time of booking their incall session.

The policies that are stated for outcall deposits below also apply to any and all provided optional incall deposits.

Outcall Deposits

Outcalls, unlike incalls, require a deposit at time of booking due to the large amount of time that must be set aside due to travel as well as transportation costs.


The deposit for outcalls is $100 and is subtracted from your session total. Deposits are accepted via Cashapp or Venmo.


Zelle, Paypal, and any other money exchanging services are not able to be used for deposits due to their restrictive terms and conditions. Deposits are nonrefundable and are not able to be transferred, reused, or reallocated to a different day and/or time slot. Deposits can only be used towards the day and time you originally book and request.

Once you provide a deposit for your outcall session, your day and time will be set aside for you and ONLY you. No one else will be able to request and receive the time slot I will have set aside for our time together.

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